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Blockchain Press is a media relations firm with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency and our Media relations services are designed to help blockchain and cryptocurrency companies increase brand awareness, credibility, and trust. We offer a full suite of PR services, from press release distribution to comprehensive media relations programs.

When are Media Relations Needed?

There are two situations when you know you need media relations. The first is when you want to inform the public and the media about something important happening in your organization. The second is when something bad happens, and you want to explain it to the public and the media.

In other words, you need media relations when there is news and we at Blockchain Press Media make sure that your press releases reach the right eyes.

Media Relations Tactics and Activities

Our media relations services are designed to increase your company’s visibility and credibility. Our PR agency will develop a strategy that establishes your company’s thought leadership, builds top-of-mind awareness, and generates positive relationships with the press.

Blockchain Press Media is the one-stop PR and marketing agency for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. With our expertise, we help you create awareness and build trust among your targeted audience through strategic media relations.

Best Media Relations Services That Boost Your Visions

Media Relations is a crucial element of the PR strategy. We provide a wide range of media relations services such as Press Release Distribution and Media Monitoring that help companies to get publicity and influence the target audience. We draft press releases that are engaging, informative and persuasive, which can generate maximum visibility for your brand. Our press releases are widely viewed by many journalists, bloggers, and industry influencers who can help you to reach your potential customers.

Why Are Our Bitcoin Marketing Services Best?

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Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to help projects, companies, and individuals to engage with the press and media in order to reach their overall business objectives. We also provide creative branding, marketing, writing, and design services in order to help our clients improve their public image and attract new partners, investors, and customers. Our company has the experience and expertise to get your business positive media coverage.

We stand by our work and will do whatever it takes to make sure your story gets told. We offer an array of different blockchain press release distribution packages that are designed to meet the needs of any company,

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