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You must never underestimate the power of the words. At BPM, our proficiency lies in delivering PR services through non-fungible tokens that are unparalleled in the US and other parts of the world.

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Our Signature Touch In NFT PR

BPM takes pride in crafting press releases designed to both engage and educate. This is why we are known as an esteemed supplier of US Non-fungible Token press release services.

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Extensive Network

Our PR Services are reasonably priced to guarantee your Non-Fungible Token project attains the largest possible exposure and visibility with our network of more than 250 media outlets.

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Multilingual Expertise

Our NFT Public Relations crew has its home in America and verifies 15 dialects, granting us the capacity to converse with the international public in an effective manner.

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Cost-effective Solutions

We offer NFT press release solutions in the United States for 30%-50% less than the competitors, without lowering quality of our output.

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Dedicated Team of Experts

The team of 50 web3 NFT specialists at our disposal is committed to making sure your project succeeds. They engage in mutual efforts to guarantee the desired outcome.

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Fast Turnaround Times

The timing of our USA NFT Press Release Distribution service outperforms that of industry averages, with a 20% faster turnaround rate.

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Data-Driven Approach

Our USA NFT PR Services strategies are founded upon a robust base of 10,000 hours of web3 market research and analytics. These strategies are methodically designed for success, making sure your project has the best chance of success.

The Press Release Impact

Behold the power of your message as it is bolstered by the knowledge and skills provided by our adept team. Our services promise to create an effective communication with your intended viewers.

Brand Recall

Our NFT PR Specialist services in the USA can significantly increase your brand recognition and keep it in people's minds. This boosts chances of customers remembering your brand by 35%.

Crisis Management

With our NFT Public Relations Services in the United States, we make sure that media releases are spread to 80% of the desired population within 24 hours, aiding in the management of negative press exposure.

Investor Relations

Press releases issued on a routine basis can draw in three times more investor inquiries than infrequent ones, thus creating an atmosphere of transparency for those with a vested interest.

Local Market Penetration

Our NFT Public Relations efforts are an excellent tool for making connections with local target markets and to establish a strong presence in the area.

Long-Term Impact

Releasing a statement can yield up to 30% more links in 12 months, which can subsequently bolster your website's standing and acknowledgement. This is significant for those who are marketing their business online.

Third-Party Validation

Gaining acknowledgment from well-respected journals can reinforce a brand's status with both its patrons and business associates. This will build trust and credibility.


At NFT PR Distribution, we understand the importance of rapid response to the needs of the NFT market. Therefore, we strive to work at a speed that is faster than the industry standards by 20%. Our dedication to quick turnaround ensures you stay ahead of the competition.

Rely on our specialist services when it comes to the publicity of your NFT releases in America. Our expansive distribution chain ensures that all the necessary people have the relevant information right when it is most effective.Additionally, all the members of our network have been carefully selected in order to amplify the reach and effectiveness of your stories.

Our NFT Press Release Services in the United States don’t just stop at multilingualism. They also make sure that your brand story resonates globally, breaking through these language barriers to create meaningful connections with a diverse audience.

As a reputed NFT public relations firm in America, our skillset and dedication stand out from the rest. Our evidence-based technique and comprehensive market knowledge are certified to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers. Rest assured that investing in us is not a bad decision.

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