8 Best Blockchain PR Tips For Crypto Startups

Blockchain PR Tips For Crypto

Companies participating in the digital currency market must fight to be heard because there are already over 1,300 cryptocurrencies available. As more and more crypto horror stories fill the pages of newspapers and online publications, consumer confidence is likewise declining.

In this article, we’ve articulated blockchain PR tips for crypto startups that can help any cryptocurrency business flourish, whether it’s maintaining your brand identity or working with a crypto PR agency.

Top 8 Blockchain PR Tips

1. Developing A Community

Crypto Community

Creating a community of loyal followers and ardent supporters is the holy grail of excellent digital marketing. It is impossible to overlook the network effects of an online community.

In a world full of digital marketers, it has become a challenging task to maintain a community of genuine followers. Checking out a blockchain PR agency will help you with this. We are with you to attract loyal followers and supporters for your business.

When things go wrong and the value of the underlying token starts to decline, those that believe in the project will still support it. For a successful cryptocurrency project, you can hire services for cryptocurrency smart contract development.

The most active online community is probably that of Ethereum. Even if the value of each token fell and the development team repeatedly missed deadlines to upgrade the network, true believers and maximalists have continued to believe in the Ethereum network.

2. Contract with a reputable blockchain PR firm


Your brand will develop and be better protected if you have a public relations staff on your side that is familiar with the bitcoin market.

blockchain PR firm will collaborate with you to develop a clear marketing plan that will explain what makes your currency special and how it can help customers. Crypto exchange development services are also used by many crypto companies for growth in a crypto project

Public relations mishaps are increasingly common in the bitcoin sector. When it was revealed that two of Neutrino’s executive team had previously worked for spyware companies with ties to humanitarian crimes in 2019, Coinbase’s intention to acquire the blockchain analytics company Neutrino sparked outrage.

Check out this crypto marketing company, which will help you reach out to our public relations staff. 

3. Keep Your Brand Identity Constant

Ways To Establish Your Brand Identity

You can’t afford to lose the attention of your audience if you want to build a successful business. Using consistent design language and tone of voice is a good way to maintain your brand’s identity. To do this, it’s important to have a deep understanding of what you’re selling and why people need it.

The most important thing you can do for your brand, especially in a crypto startup, is to keep your identity consistent. You might have heard that blockchain technology is the next big thing and that everyone is talking about it. But if your company’s name is “Blockchain,” it’s hard to take them seriously.

Customers dislike change, particularly when it’s something as little as a revised name or corporate logo. It’s challenging to get your branding right the first time, but doing so might ultimately save you money and client dissatisfaction in the long run.

4. Transparency In Your Organization

Transparency in organizations.png

According to a recent survey, approximately 75 percent of consumers increasingly prioritize transparency over price when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. In other words, a company’s reputation is more important than ever.

For businesses in the finance industry, this is especially true. When it comes to emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies, investors and consumers alike must be well-informed before making a purchase. 

A lack of knowledge will simply increase ambiguity, which will erode client confidence and subsequent loyalty.

First, transparency is one of the most important things when it comes to blockchain PR. Make sure you are as open as possible with your community and investors, especially if you are a startup.

Don’t hide behind a veil of anonymity. If you have a blog or website, make sure that people can find it easily. If you have an email newsletter, make sure it’s easy for people to sign up for and unsubscribe from.

You don’t want to be the only source of information about your company.

If you want to learn how to maintain transparency in your organization, then you must check out our blockchain press release distribution. We will assist you in understanding how critical it is to remain as open and transparent as possible in front of investors.

5. Don't Pay For Followers On Social Media

Dont Buy social Followers.jpg

If you want to get more followers on your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page, don’t pay for them. Instead, focus on creating content that appeals to people and sharing it with your network. Remember, the more people who follow you, the more exposure you get to new people who might be interested in your product.

You may believe that having thousands of social media followers will aid in the recognition of your brand in the business. 

Even an inexperienced blockchain PR agency could try to persuade you that doing so is essential if you want to increase your online visibility. It isn’t. It will be impossible to evaluate the impact of the online content you post as a result of these false followers.

6. Consider Taking Part In Industry Events

industry Events

Industry conferences are where you can meet other startups, investors, and executives from all over the world. Not only can you network with people in your industry, but also learn from them: their insights into what works and what doesn’t will help your business grow.

These are opportunities for you to meet up with experts and influencers in your field who can help you learn about new trends and developments in the industry.

You can also network with other crypto startups at these events, which can be an effective way to make new connections and potentially gain new business opportunities through referrals from others.

Any PR strategy should often include conference speaking. Industry conferences went online in 2020, saving businesses money and time by enabling them to send specialists to speak on panels or lead conference tracks based on their expertise. 

7. Always Practice Leadership

Practice Leadership.png

You should incorporate thought leadership initiatives into any PR strategy you develop as a crypto business. You may keep yourself in the public eye even when you’re not revealing new goods or company news by writing guest blogs, participating in relevant industry podcast interviews, and giving speeches at events.

A lot of entrepreneurs tend to be perfectionists. They want everything to be perfect before they release their product into the world. This can sometimes backfire if you don’t have everything in place when you release your product. 

You need to make sure that your product works well and solves a problem, but also that it looks good enough that people will want to buy it from you rather than someone else who has released something similar before you did.

8. Contemplate Combining Specialty And Mainstream Outreach

Not every crypto company’s announcement will be covered by the mainstream media. Only journalists and media that concentrate on cryptocurrencies and blockchain will likely be interested in transactions and purchases, business results and projections, and other similar topics.

Partnership announcements, information concerning hacks or thefts, and responses to proposed legislation affecting cryptocurrencies are a few examples of announcements that are frequently reported by more mainstream financial and business media.

Now that you have already learned all the basic blockchain tips for crypto startups, we recommend you check out the crypto press release tips for a better understanding of this blog.


Q.1: What is PR in blockchain?

Ans: Public relations (PR) is a method of spreading the word about your company or product. It can be used to promote existing products, but it can also be used for new products.

Q.2: How do blockchains make money?

Ans: Blockchain technology can be used to create digital assets, such as bitcoin and ether, but it also has the potential to enable new kinds of financial applications that have never been possible before.

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