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BPM’s Affiliate Program Expertise

Discover the unique strengths that make BPM a leading affiliate marketing partner:

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Strategic Program Development

We’ve increased affiliate sales by 80% through custom-tailored affiliate programs, turning customers into brand ambassadors.

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Partnership Building

Our strategic partnership outreach has grown affiliate networks by 75%, spreading our clients’ reach far and wide.

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Tracking & Optimization

With our precise tracking and data analysis, we’ve boosted affiliate marketing ROI by 65%, ensuring every dollar is well spent.

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Quality Assurance

Our strict affiliate vetting processes have improved brand image and minimized potential risks, driving consistent growth.

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Commission Structures

We’ve designed attractive commission structures, motivating affiliates and improving conversion rates by 60%.

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Continuous Improvement

Leveraging regular program evaluation, we’ve consistently refined strategies, leading to a 50% increase in program efficiency.

Why Affiliate Programs Matter

Affiliate marketing is not just a buzzword; it’s a powerful tool that offers transformative benefits for your business:

Extended Reach

Affiliate programs extend your reach, tapping into new customer bases.

High ROI

With performance-based payments, affiliate marketing offers high ROI.

Brand Advocacy

Satisfied customers become brand ambassadors, promoting your business to their networks.

Consistent Growth

Affiliate marketing drives consistent growth, with affiliates motivated to drive sales.

Reduced Risk

Unlock the potential of Blockchain marketing to leave an indelible impression on the Brazilian crypto community.

Increased Efficiency

Regular program evaluation and refinement improve efficiency, ensuring your affiliate program continues to deliver results.


Our service turns your satisfied customers into brand ambassadors, leveraging their networks for your growth. With strategic program development, we’ve boosted affiliate sales by 80%, driving consistent sales and brand growth through a network of motivated affiliates.

Our clients have experienced significant success, with a 75% increase in affiliate networks and an 80% rise in affiliate sales. Our precise tracking and optimization have also boosted affiliate marketing ROI by 65%, ensuring efficient use of resources.

We employ a strict vetting process for affiliates to maintain brand integrity and minimize risks. Our quality assurance, combined with continuous program refinement, leads to a 50% increase in program efficiency, ensuring only the best for your brand.

From the initial planning to ongoing management, we offer comprehensive support. This includes designing attractive commission structures that improve conversion rates by 60%, tracking every lead and sale, and continually refining the program for optimal performance.

We begin by understanding your unique business goals and then craft a custom-tailored affiliate program. This includes strategic partnership building with affiliates that align with your brand values, and ongoing management and refinement to ensure the program evolves with your brand.

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