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We don’t just build Web3 communities; we set them ablaze, making them impossible to overlook.

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BPM's Community Management Expertise

Our community strategies go beyond growth; they establish vibrant, engaged ecosystems. Let’s dive into our unique prowess.

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Engagement Mastery

We’ve amplified community interaction, boosting brand resonance by 70% through active and meaningful engagement.

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Trust Building

Through transparent and open dialogues, we’ve fortified trust in Web3 communities, leading to a 60% increase in loyalty.

Crisis Resolution

Our effective conflict management strategies have nurtured harmony, ensuring continued participation and escalating brand advocacy by 55%.

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Educational Initiatives

By focusing on continual learning, we’ve empowered community members, spurring a 50% increase in informed blockchain-related actions.

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Feedback Integration

Harnessing community feedback, we’ve improved brand strategies, resulting in a 45% uplift in community satisfaction.

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Growth Optimization

Our growth strategies have expanded community reach, resulting in a 40% increase in new engaged community members.

Our Streamlined Approach

We elevate, innovate, and communicate by crafting stories that resonate with your brand and inspire your audience. Here’s our unique approach.

We kick things off by understanding your crypto brand, its objectives, and target audience to craft a bespoke PR and media strategy.

Our expert team of writers and editors produce compelling, accurate, and newsworthy content that truly encapsulates your brand’s message.

We ensure your stories reach the right people at the right time, leveraging our extensive network of media contacts across the crypto space.

With our comprehensive reports, we analyze the impact of your PR campaigns, refining our strategies to ensure continuous success.

Why Community Management is Revolutionary

Web3 community management is not just about growth; it’s about carving your community’s name in the blockchain. Here’s why it’s groundbreaking:

Brand Advocacy

An engaged Web3 community can become your strongest brand advocate, driving visibility and loyalty.

User Retention

Effective community management leads to higher user retention, strengthening the brand's footprint in the Web3 space.

Feedback Assimilation

Active feedback integration refines your brand strategy, ensuring it resonates with your community.

Crisis Management

Efficient conflict resolution within the community ensures harmony and promotes long-term participation.

Informed Decisions

Through continual education, community members are empowered to make informed decisions, bolstering trust and activity in the blockchain space.

Growth Potential

A well-managed community paves the way for continuous growth, offering the potential for increased brand influence and reach in the Web3 cosmos.


Community building refers to the process of cultivating and nurturing a group of individuals who share common interests, goals, or affiliations. It involves fostering connections, facilitating engagement, and creating a sense of belonging among community members.

 Community building is essential for various reasons:

  • Support and collaboration: Communities provide a support network where members can seek guidance, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects or initiatives.
  • Brand loyalty and advocacy: Strong communities foster brand loyalty and turn members into brand advocates who promote products, services, or causes to others.
  • User feedback and improvement: Communities offer valuable feedback and insights that can help improve products, services, or user experiences based on real-world needs and preferences.
  • Network effect: Communities can leverage the network effect, where the value of the community grows as more members join, contributing to a thriving ecosystem.
  • Emotional connection: Communities create a sense of belonging, connection, and shared identity, enhancing the overall experience for members

Building a community involves the following steps:

  • Identify your target audience: Determine who your community will serve and define their interests, needs, and aspirations.
  • Define a shared purpose: Establish a clear mission, vision, or purpose that aligns with the interests and goals of your target audience.
  • Choose the right platforms: Select platforms and channels where your target audience is most likely to engage, such as social media, forums, or dedicated community platforms.
  • Provide value: Offer valuable content, resources, or exclusive benefits that attract and retain community members. Focus on solving their problems or addressing their interests.
  • Encourage engagement: Foster discussions, ask questions, and encourage members to actively participate and contribute. Recognize and appreciate their contributions.
  • Be responsive and accessible: Actively listen to community members, respond to their inquiries, and provide support. Be accessible through various communication channels.
  • Organize events or activities: Host virtual or in-person events, webinars, Q&A sessions, or contests to bring community members together and encourage interaction.
  • Build relationships: Facilitate connections among community members and establish relationships based on shared interests or goals.
  • Promote inclusivity: Create an inclusive and safe environment where diverse perspectives and opinions are respected. Implement community guidelines to maintain a positive atmosphere.

 Effective community management involves the following practices:

  • Establish clear guidelines: Develop community guidelines or rules that outline expected behavior, respect for others, and consequences for violations.
  • Communicate regularly: Maintain regular communication with community members through newsletters, updates, announcements, or social media posts.
  • Be an active listener: Actively listen to community feedback, concerns, and suggestions. Respond promptly and transparently, addressing issues and acknowledging contributions.
  • Encourage participation: Create opportunities for members to contribute, such as through discussions, polls, surveys, or user-generated content.
  • Recognize and appreciate members: Acknowledge and celebrate community members’ contributions, milestones, or achievements. Provide recognition and incentives to foster engagement and loyalty.
  • Foster connections: Facilitate connections among community members through networking events, mentorship programs, or dedicated channels for collaboration.
  • Resolve conflicts: Act as a mediator to resolve conflicts or disagreements within the community. Encourage constructive dialogue and ensure conflicts are addressed respectfully and fairly.
  • Empower community leaders: Identify active and engaged community members who can act as moderators or ambassadors. Empower them to help facilitate community discussions and initiatives.
  • Evolve with the community: Continuously adapt and evolve community strategies based on feedback, changing needs, or emerging trends. Stay responsive to community dynamics and preferences.

We love crafting vibrant communities in the blockchain. Let's build yours.

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