October 10, 2022

5 Best DeFi SEO Strategy To Rank Higher In Google

SEO tips for DeFi marketing

The market capitalization of DeFi is increasing and is already at the rate of $45 billion. DeFi is one of the most well-known blockchain markets due to its consistent increase in market capitalization. 

Consequently, you need a strong marketing plan if you want to stay ahead of the game. While there are many marketing strategies, like NFT influencer marketing, social media marketing, and many others, This one is frequently disregarded.


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Since forever, search engine optimization has been one of the most effective marketing techniques. Years of expertise and an understanding of the latest trends is needed for doing effective SEO.

Furthermore, you’d need expertise and knowledge in both SEO and Decentralized finance (DeFi) when it comes to DeFi SEO. Considering this, here we have provided some DeFi SEO tips that are still applicable.


5 Ways To Do SEO For DeFi

seo is important for metaverse project

1. Prioritize People, Then Search Engines

As was already mentioned, the Google algorithm advances our ability to think by acquiring new knowledge every day and using constant human input. Having said that, don’t even try to trick Google.

There is no clever alternative or technique. Write with keeping in mind first the readers and then search engines.The audience’s demands should always come first, and the only way to achieve this is to produce engaging content that is genuinely authentic.

Because everyone can recognize a term that has been compressed in, DeFi SEO Agency uses driving DeFi keywords where it makes sense to increase the impact of your already informative and valuable content and also share your content in different cryptocurrency Telegram channels.


2. Focus On Featured Snippets

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These days, highlighted snippets effectively rule SERPs. It’s likely that you already know them, even if you’ve never heard the term. These are the highlighted response windows that appear at the top of the SERPs for the vast majority of search inquiries.

If your clip is featured, you must be doing something well. Making specific formatting and style decisions, like employing numbered lists, bullet points, infographics, and directly answering search inquiries, may boost your chances of becoming a featured snippet.

Statistics indicate that snippets don’t always result in direct clicks because the inquiry is answered in the Google search preview itself, but at the moment, snippets are included in more than 19 percent of SERPs.

They are great for spreading the word about your company and improving brand recognition. Therefore, the clicks will continue rolling.

3. Technical Advancement

The backend of your website may also have a variety of additional technical issues that, once resolved, can have a big impact on your overall SEO performance. If your website’s UX isn’t simple to use and smooth, it will be difficult for anyone to take any significant action there.

The best PR tips for DeFi tips can be very helpful when it comes to securing those higher rankings, whether it’s making sure that your site loads quickly, getting rid of “toxic” backlinks, or developing a clear XML sitemap with a clean URL structure. Nothing should come in the way of SEO doing its job, which is to assist people in finding your website naturally.

4. Backlinks

what are backlinks and are they important

Acquiring backlinks is a crucial component in the efficiency of optimization as we move into more technical areas of SEO for DeFi and get into detail about the DeFi SEO strategy.

You could acquire organic links only by writing interesting content. Better content increases the chance that you will satisfy the search intent of your target audience and that other websites in your industry will use your website as a resource.

On the other hand, you may simply get in touch with other websites to exchange links in a reciprocal agreement by:

  1. Writing guest posts
  2. Proposals

  3. Replying to questions on discussion boards like Quora

  4. Creating shareable content, such as infographics and podcasts

  5. Reaching out to individuals in the DeFi industry and posting articles on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

5. Selecting Your DeFi Target Keywords

Although people, not search engines, should always be the primary focus of any process, keywords serve as its cornerstone. SEO generates 1,000%+ more traffic than social media, which accounts for more than half of all web traffic.

In addition to getting to the core of what consumers and Google are searching for by concentrating on popular DeFi search terms. As a result, since keywords are the cornerstone used by the DeFi SEO agency, they must also form the basis of the content you produce.


In conclusion, many different Defi SEO strategies and exciting blockchain marketing services can help your business rank higher on Google. Some common strategies include creating unique content, promoting your website through paid search, and optimizing your website for mobile devices. Using a Defi SEO strategy is essential if you want to rank higher in search engines.

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