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THE BPM Crypto SEO Agency Approach

Learn what makes BPM a unique player in the crypto SEO agency space and why we could be the strategic ally your digital journey needs.

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Individualized Strategies

BPM’s personalized SEO strategies have successfully improved the online visibility of crypto brands by up to 90%, enabling them to rise above their digital competitors.

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Technical Know-How

Utilizing specialized techniques for speed optimization, we’ve cut down crypto website load times by half, significantly improving user experience.

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Content Expertise

Our team of skilled content creators develop targeted, keyword-driven content for the crypto world that has resulted in an 80% increase in user engagement.

Crypto SEO Agency

Local SEO Skills

Our refined local crypto SEO agency strategies have boosted local leads by 60%, connecting crypto businesses more effectively with their local audience.

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Link Building Proficiency

Through strategic collaborations and promotion of high-quality crypto content, we’ve successfully raised our clients’ domain authority by 45%.

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Data-Guided Decisions

By leveraging in-depth crypto market analytics, we’ve been able to continually optimize SEO strategies, yielding a significant 65% increase in ROI.

The Importance of Crypto SEO Agency

At BPM, we grasp the profound significance of enlisting a crypto SEO agency, and we’re here to elucidate why it’s a game-changing decision for your brand:

Market Leadership

Effective SEO can position your crypto brand in the top tier of search results, amplifying your digital visibility.

User Trust

Crypto brands ranking on the first page of search results tend to win triple the trust among crypto enthusiasts.

Long-Term Success

A well-planned SEO strategy can generate a steady inflow of free organic traffic, fostering sustainable growth in the competitive crypto market.

Reduced Advertising Spend

An efficient SEO strategy can reduce dependence on paid ads by up to 60%, leading to significant cost savings.

Increased Conversions

With an optimized website, crypto brands can see conversion rates go up by as much as 70%.

Global Impact

SEO enables your crypto brand to reach and engage with potential investors and enthusiasts around the world, transcending geographical limits.

Brand Awareness

Crypto brands featuring high on search results have 80% higher chances of being remembered by users.

Competitive Advantage

Crypto brands with a robust SEO strategy in place have twice the likelihood of outperforming their market competitors.


A crypto SEO agency is a specialized digital marketing agency that focuses on providing search engine optimization (SEO) services specifically tailored to the needs of cryptocurrency-related businesses, projects, or websites. These agencies employ SEO strategies and techniques to improve the visibility, organic search rankings, and online presence of crypto-related websites and content.

The key components of a crypto SEO agency involve specialized services focused on optimizing search engine visibility and organic traffic for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. These agencies typically offer a range of components, including keyword research and analysis, on-page optimization, content creation and optimization, link building, technical SEO audits, website performance analysis, and SEO reporting. They understand the unique aspects of the crypto industry, such as blockchain terminology, crypto keywords, and the target audience, enabling them to develop effective strategies to improve search engine rankings and increase organic visibility for crypto projects.

 Yes, there are specific challenges in doing SEO for the crypto industry. These include high competition for popular keywords, ever-evolving regulations and guidelines for crypto-related content, limited advertising options on major platforms, the volatile nature of the crypto market affecting search trends, and the need to maintain trust and credibility due to past fraudulent activities. Overcoming these challenges requires a tailored and well-executed SEO strategy.

SEO is important for crypto businesses because it helps them increase their online visibility, attract targeted organic traffic, and reach their desired audience. With the competitive nature of the crypto industry, effective SEO strategies can enhance website rankings, establish brand authority, and drive conversions, ultimately leading to business growth and success.

The key elements of blockchain SEO include thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-value blockchain-related keywords, on-page optimization to optimize website content and meta tags, technical SEO to ensure website performance and crawlability, backlink building to enhance authority and credibility, content marketing to create valuable and optimized content, and analytics tracking to measure and analyze SEO performance.

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