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In the world of Telegram, we don’t just message, we stir conversations that lead to increased loyalty and engagement for your crypto project.

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BPM’s Telegram Marketing Strengths

Discover the unique capabilities that we bring to your Telegram marketing strategy.

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BPM’s Telegram Marketing Strengths

Discover the unique capabilities that we bring to your Telegram marketing strategy.

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Targeted Outreach

By understanding your project and its audience, we’ve boosted targeted engagement on Telegram by 85%.

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Engagement Strategies

Our unique engagement tactics have increased conversation rates, resulting in a 70% uplift in active user participation.

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Education and Updates

By providing insightful education and timely updates, we’ve improved user satisfaction and trust, reflected in a 75% positive sentiment score.

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Strategic Partnerships

With strategic collaborations on Telegram, we’ve enhanced the reach and reputation of our client’s projects by 60%.

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Content Planning

Through meticulous content planning, we’ve ensured a 40% increase in regular user engagement and content interaction.

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Analytics-Driven Decisions

By leveraging Telegram’s data, we’ve optimized channel strategies, achieving a 55% increase in channel growth.

Our Streamlined Approach

We elevate, innovate, and communicate by crafting stories that resonate with your brand and inspire your audience. Here’s our unique approach.

We kick things off by understanding your crypto brand, its objectives, and target audience to craft a bespoke PR and media strategy.

Our expert team of writers and editors produce compelling, accurate, and newsworthy content that truly encapsulates your brand’s message.

We ensure your stories reach the right people at the right time, leveraging our extensive network of media contacts across the crypto space.

With our comprehensive reports, we analyze the impact of your PR campaigns, refining our strategies to ensure continuous success.

Why Telegram Marketing Matters

In the crypto world, Telegram marketing is a game-changer. Here’s how it can transform your crypto project.

Direct Connection

Telegram allows you to interact directly with your community, fostering trust and loyalty.

Real-Time Updates

With Telegram, you can provide real-time updates and answer queries instantly, enhancing user satisfaction.

Community Building

An active Telegram channel can help build and grow a strong community around your project.

Increased Visibility

Regular activity on Telegram can increase your project's visibility among potential investors and users.

Global Reach

With users worldwide, Telegram can help your project reach a global audience.

User Retention

Engaging in content and discussions on Telegram can improve user retention and participation.


Crypto Telegram marketing refers to leveraging the Telegram messaging platform to promote cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects, and related services. It involves using Telegram channels, groups, bots, and targeted messaging to engage with the crypto community, share updates, foster discussions, and drive marketing initiatives.

Telegram is popular for crypto marketing due to several reasons:

  • Large crypto community: Telegram hosts a significant number of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and project communities, providing a targeted audience.
  • Direct communication: Telegram allows direct and real-time communication, enabling businesses to engage directly with their audience, answer questions, and share information instantly.
  • Channel and group features: Telegram offers features like public channels and groups that facilitate broadcasting announcements, conducting AMA sessions, and fostering discussions.
  • Security and privacy: Telegram’s end-to-end encryption and privacy features are valued by the crypto community, ensuring secure communication and protecting sensitive information.
  • Bot integration: Telegram bots can automate various marketing tasks, such as distributing airdrops, managing communities, providing customer support, and delivering notifications.
  • Easy sharing and engagement: Telegram makes it easy for users to share content, links, and files, fostering engagement and viral spread of information within the crypto community.

Effective strategies for crypto Telegram marketing include:

  • Building a community: Create and manage a dedicated Telegram group or channel to engage with your audience, share updates, answer questions, and foster discussions.
  • Regular updates and news sharing: Provide timely updates, news, and announcements related to your project or the crypto industry, keeping your community informed and engaged.
  • Conducting AMA sessions: Organize Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions on Telegram to allow community members to ask questions directly to project founders, team members, or industry experts.
  • Incentivizing engagement: Encourage community engagement through contests, giveaways, quizzes, or airdrops, rewarding active participation and creating a sense of excitement.
  • Influencer partnerships: Collaborate with influential Telegram channels or community leaders to amplify your reach, leverage their follower base, and gain credibility within the crypto community.
  • Bot utilization: Utilize Telegram bots to automate tasks, such as distributing information, providing customer support, conducting polls, or managing community activities.
  • Exclusive content and perks: Offer exclusive content, early access, or special perks to Telegram community members, fostering loyalty and a sense of belonging.

Measuring the effectiveness of your crypto Telegram marketing efforts involves tracking various metrics, such as:

  • Community growth: Monitor the number of new members joining your Telegram group or channel over time, indicating the growth of your community.
  • Engagement rates: Analyze the level of engagement within your Telegram community, including message interactions, comments, likes, and shares.
  • Click-through rates (CTRs): Measure the CTRs of links or promotional materials shared on Telegram to assess the effectiveness of your call-to-action and content.
  • Sentiment analysis: Gauge the sentiment and feedback from community members through surveys, polls, or sentiment analysis tools to understand their perception of your project.
  • Referral and conversion rates: Track the number of referrals from Telegram and the conversion rates of those referrals into active users, customers, or investors.
  • Analyzing bot metrics: If utilizing Telegram bots, track relevant metrics such as bot usage, response rates, and user interactions to optimize bot performance.
  • Brand mentions and reach: Monitor brand mentions and discussions related to your project within the Telegram community to evaluate brand visibility and reach.

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