7 SEO Strategy To Boost Your ICO In 2022

Blockchain companies actively use Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to raise funds. As a result, the number of ICO project has also increased, and the amount of funding per company has also increased.

However, not all ICOs are successful examples. As a result, the failure rate of ICOs is increasing yearly. Therefore, implementing and executing a digital marketing strategy and SEO in your plan is critical for your company to stay at the forefront of the market.


While social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter have banned the use of encrypted advertising on their platforms like Web3 influencer agency, SEO remains the single most powerful tool that can influence the minds of users and their searches. A viable and effective solution. 

So, if you want to position yourself as the top brand in your users’ minds and draw attention to your content creation.

7 SEO Tips To Boost Your ICO


1. Build An Impressive Website

Building a great website for your ICO launch followed by an ICO SEO Agency and blockchain startup is one of the most important aspects of a successful token sale. In addition, a good website serves as the foundation of your ICO marketing strategy. 

A well-designed SEO-friendly website will impress your target audience. Conversely, a poorly designed website can alienate visitors and negatively impact your ICO marketing.

2. Create A Blog On The ICO Website

Content Marketing has proven to be very useful in Search Engine Optimization, as it connects directly with your audience and helps answer any questions they may encounter. 

Second, content marketing allows you to use the keywords and phrases that users are most likely to search for, thus increasing traffic to your ICO website.

3. Speed ​​Up Your Website

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One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of a high-ranking website is Load Time. Google will consider this factor when indexing and ranking its website in its database.

Generally, good websites load in 2-3 seconds, and websites that take longer have higher bounce rates. Creating a website that is too cluttered will not only lower your ranking on Google but also prevent you from attracting more visitors and less contribution.

4. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Mobile optimization is key. Worldwide, more than 3.8 Billion smartphone users use their smartphones for more than four hours daily, so making your website mobile-friendly is important. 

Improving mobile responsiveness and making your website mobile-friendly attract new followers and investors to your project and increase your chances of ranking well in Google searches. Since 2015, Google has used mobile responsiveness as one of the factors for website indexing and ranking.

5. Use Long Tail Keywords

When setting up your blog or website, include more specific long-tail keywords than just one or two. This allows Google to remove similar results and determine which website to display based on the user’s request. 

As you can see, the top companies are displayed for the keyword “ICO Company,” and if you specify the keyword and enter “how to start an ICO,” ​​the related results are displayed.

6. Improved User Experience


An important aspect of SEO for cryptocurrency is designing and developing a user-friendly website. Google considers the average time users spend on their website, so users should be able to navigate through the various components easily. 

The easier the journey, the longer you stay on site. For example, if you design an ICO website, you can clearly and accurately associate the title with the solution you create in one line.

Then you can have options or tabs where users can buy tokens, read white papers, choose a problem description, a solution to build (a short introduction), etc. This makes it easy for users to jump from point A to point B, making them want to learn more about the project.

7. Be Active On Social Media

Social Media can drive traffic to your website. Sharing your website link on social media platforms can drive more visitors to your site. Social media is also currently having a major impact on SEO. However, it doesn’t directly affect your SEO rankings but can affect the factors that influence them.

When you search for a brand name on Google, links to the brand’s or company’s social media pages often appear at the top of the search results. Therefore, most potential customers can visit your social media channels to find information and learn more about your project.



In conclusion, these seven strategies are essential for a successful and profitable ICO in 2022. By applying these strategies, you can significantly increase your website and project visibility as well as generate more leads. You can also reduce the costs associated with marketing campaigns and create a long-term SEO strategy that will benefit your project in the long run. 

The key is to reach out to the best crypto marketing agency stay organized, create an effective SEO plan, and implement it consistently. With these methods, there’s no doubt that your ICO will stand out from the competition!

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