A Complete Guide To Your Cryptocurrency Press Release

Trying to get press attention for your blockchain product, ICO, token event, or cryptocurrency? Writing a press release on cryptocurrencies and then pitching it to journalists and crypto influencers is one of the simplest “do-it-yourself” PR strategies.

Sadly, blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals aren’t necessarily good at public relations and when a startup is attempting to secure media attention, we are frequently astounded at how little the humble press release is used.

However, Our blockchain PR agency will help you with all these, and also you can understand how to write a press release for a cryptocurrency with this blog.

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Golden Rules You Need To Follow While Approaching Crypto PR

Since you’re reading this, it’s clear that you’re keen to get your cryptocurrency or initial coin offering covered by the media. 

But when it comes to creating a cryptocurrency press release, be sure to abide by a few unbreakable laws.

By doing so, you may maintain a positive relationship with media professionals and opinion leaders and raise your likelihood of receiving the media exposure you seek these golden rules are written by us:.

1. Don’t Make Your Cryptocurrency Press Release Look Like A Flyer

Crypto Flyyer

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. A cryptocurrency press release can be used to make an announcement public. As a result, it needs to be written in an accurate manner. 

If it is overly promotional, journalists and influencers won’t be interested in it. A journalist’s primary responsibility is to tell stories, not to promote products.

2. Select Your Viewpoint

Crypto view points

Fact that merely announcing the establishment of a new cryptocurrency or blockchain company is no longer seen as remarkable is one of the first things we typically need to tell our customers.

You must therefore create your hook or angle. Simply put, you must explain to the readers why this is significant.

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Most likely, you already know what makes your product unique. Your bitcoin or blockchain solution might close a gap in the market, meet an urgent need, or address a pervasive problem.

Regardless of your angle, make sure to concentrate the news release’s narrative around this.

3. Cite Data To Back Up Your Points

Back Up Your Points

Here, objectivity is crucial. The angle of your crypto Press Release should be supported by reliable third-party information. Provide links to trustworthy sources that back up any claims you make about the enormous market potential for your cryptocurrencies, such as industry or governmental publications.

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4. Cite Social Evidence

Crypto Social

Including your social proof is just as crucial as stating your angle. This demonstrates your credibility and the seriousness with which your business and you should be taken. As you get more established and have accomplished more, things normally get simpler. 

However, if you’re a new startup, this may include factors like whether you’ve participated in an incubator or accelerator program or whether the founders have a degree from a reputable institution.

5. Keep It Brief

transactioncycle 1

A noteworthy announcement should be succinctly summarized in a cryptocurrency press release. Try to limit the text to no more than one page (with normal font size).

People are less inclined to read something the longer it gets!

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Q. 1 - What is PR in blockchain?

Ans – PR in blockchain is a method of spreading the word about your company or product. It can be used to promote existing products, but it can also be used for new products.

Q. 2 - How do Blockchains make money?

Ans – Blockchain technology can be used to create digital assets, such as bitcoin and ether, but it also has potential to enable new kinds of financial applications that have never been possible before.

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