Top 7 Crypto Press Release Tips You Must Know

You should always take into account some of the tips for crypto press releases before successfully releasing your cryptocurrency PR, whether you want to handle it yourself or use a distribution agency.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best crypto press release tips.

Distributing a bitcoin press release across publications that publish crypto news is one of the most well-liked methods of marketing cryptocurrency initiatives.

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For individuals wishing to advertise their project and expand their community, there are numerous crypto press release distribution services that can help you achieve your crypto PR goals.

A lack of media coverage for cryptocurrency ventures is a result of improper press release timing.

Top 7 Crypto Press Release Tips

1. Promoting The Press Release

Distribution of press releases ought to be considered an addition. You can’t anticipate that posting a news release on several channels would bring in tons of customers and users right away.

Sharing the press release with your current audience will help you expand your fan base and existing community.

Crypto Press Release Promotions

A press release can help your project gain attention. Still, if people discover that you don’t have a strong community—such as a crypto discord server, a Twitter following, or a lively crypto Telegram group—they won’t know where to turn. Even if the press release grabs their interest, they’ll probably pass over your project.

You must check out the crypto PR agency to better understand how we promote the press release. That will also help you promote your press release.

2. Create a powerful network of media contacts

Blockchain PR Services

One of the most important things you can do is build a passionate community around your project. Establishing a solid network of journalists and cryptocurrency influencers is one of the most important crypto press release suggestions.

If you have a crypto portfolio, then our team is here to provide the leading crypto portfolio management services.

You can get your story covered by all of your marketing segments by having a strong network. To create noteworthy content and raise exposure for your cryptocurrency campaign, you can establish contacts with journalists.

Establishing good networks with media and journalists could be a bit challenging for a few, but you don’t have to worry about it. With the help of the right crypto marketing agency, you can learn some of the most effective ways to stay in contact with powerful journalists.

3. Write an awesome press release

This one should be quite clear. Make sure your press release is simple to read, has excellent grammar and style, and clearly explains to readers what your project is all about, its mission, and any other relevant data if you want to get the attention of the cryptocurrency community.

Write An Press Release

It might be a good idea to hire someone to write the press release for you if you aren’t confident in your writing abilities.

A press release can also be written for you by a writer you hire from a freelance website, although this may require planning because most writers need several days to generate a good PR.

4. Including graphics is a must

crypto press

To break up long paragraphs of text and make your press release simpler to read, graphics are crucial in public relations.

To take your bitcoin press release to the next level and maximize the number of engagements and conversions it will see, even basic images like screenshots of your website are sufficient.

You can also hire a graphic designer through a company like Fiverr to provide photos for your PR.

5. Pick a time and channel for your press release

Before choosing the platform for the cryptocurrency press release, marketers must define the target market and sector. In addition, consider the following crypto press release tips:

Pick time & Channel

  • Create customer, stakeholder, and community segments for your target audience.
  • Include crypto partners and PR websites; additionally include links to them.
  • Organize your target industry into sectors that are directly and indirectly related.
  • Choose your media outlets based on the segmentation, and create unique PR stories for each. 
  • Create a social media distribution plan for the news release.
  • Reposting on channels is not advised if you want to rank well in search engines.
  • Make sure that every media outlet publishes your article at the same time, and choose the optimum moment to do it.

6. Create an engaging press release

Within a short period, a crypto news release can reach millions of viewers. To develop your PR story, send all of the facts to the media. Keep it succinct and to the point with your main points. 

Create Engaging press release

Include a call to action in the document, and don’t forget to use hashtags and attention-grabbing headlines.

We advise you to check out blockchain press release distribution. With the help of our blockchain press release distribution, you will learn about the best tips for creating an engaging press release.

7. Take your campaign to a crypto PR agency

Numerous online resources provide PR advice and services for cryptocurrency. It is crucial to understand the following before outsourcing a crypto press release:

crypto PR campaign

  • Find a cryptocurrency press release service that is within your means. 
  • See if the crypto press release services include both PR content production and dissemination or just media distribution. Check how many native languages your chosen agency supports.
  • Look at the volume of media coverage and the notoriety of persons involved in the cryptocurrency industry. 
  • Make sure the crypto press release provider provides you with a performance report after the campaign that includes the necessary metrics.

Now that you have understood the basic tips about the crypto press release, we advise you to also check how the cryptocurrency press release distribution channel works.


Q.1: Do I necessarily need to hire a crypto PR agency to manage my project?

Ans: For a successful PR launch, PR companies will provide end-to-end support. After the campaign, they will share a thorough performance analytics dashboard. Through quantifiable data, you can thoroughly explain the success of your PR strategy.

Q.2: Is it necessary to track performance?

Ans: For a successful PR launch, PR companies will provide end-to-end support. After the campaign, they will share a thorough performance analytics dashboard. Through quantifiable data, you can thoroughly explain the success of your PR strategy.

Metrics must be used to evaluate the success of your PR strategy and identify all of your current milestones.

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